Annex Business Media - Canadian Security Mag
  • Audience Network Canadian Security Mag
  • Audience Type Business
  • Industry Commercial
  • Audience Channel Social Media
  • Media Facebook, Instagram
  • Network Partner Annex Business Media
  • Media Access Public
  • Audience Size 2,600,000 - 3,100,000
  • Audience Source CRM
  • Geo-targeting Yes
  • Recency 0 > infinite
  • Country Canada, United States
Audience Profile

Lookalike audiences (1% behaviour / demographics) based on Canadian Security 1st party data (circulation) audiences


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Managed campaign services*CPM $60.00

*Includes full agency services: audience development, campaign set-up, tracking, optimization, reporting, audience library management

Creative services available - but not included

Programmatic and CRM audiences can be made available for self-managed campaigns via LiveRamp